About Judy Duncan

I live in Bolwarra (The Hunter Valley) Lucky me, I love it here.

I started painting in oils when I was about 40, just dabbling, as I was always interested in art. My lovely husband framed one of my works as a surprise and I was hooked.
Not formally trained, (although I did have a few lessons in charcoal) I started doing a few portraits here and there.

In 2001 we opened “Books & Art on Beaumont” in Hamilton where I was able to sell my art along with rare, pre-loved and new books.

During this time I came across a book on an artist; Tamara de Lempicka who became famous in Europe around the 1920’s and painted in Art Deco style.

I fell in love with her work and hunted down everything I could on her, following her style in my own way, as I am a little obsessed with Art Deco.

My art probably consists of 80% Art Deco and the other 20% given to portraits and nudes and contemporary pieces.

Mostly I use Unison Pastels, which are soft and rich, my favorite, although I do use lots of other different brands as well. At the moment I am using Pastelmat Boards, to paint on as they are made especially for pastels of course and hold the color brilliantly.


Below you’ll see some of my styles of artwork.

You can also view a variety of artworks I have for sale by going to the SHOP page.  Choose from the available categories such as ART DECO, CONTEMPORARY, PORTRAITURE or NUDES or you can simply explore ALL ARTWORKS to see most recently published pieces.


Style of Artwork

Art Deco

I use a limited palate of pastels to make the colours more vibrant and pop. The sharp clean lines giving the artwork a sense of elegance and sophistication that belongs to the Art Deco period.


As a rule I use pastels and charcoals together for Contemporary work. There are no boundaries for this type of Art. Sometimes I do very traditional work. Other times I am inspired by something I see travelling and want to get it on paper.


The nudes I paint are usually done with charcoal. I find it accentuates the form of the body. Light & Dark – creating shadows.


This can be done either the traditional way in Charcoal or Pastels – or in the form of Art Deco, depending on what is wanted and for whom.


Judy Duncan Art


- Art Deco

- Portraiture

- Nudes

- Contemporary