Additional Information

Framing & Sizes

My artworks vary from piece to piece.  Whilst I’m moving towards more standardised frame sizes,  sizing and the framing are piece dependent.

Majority of artworks created in 2019 and moving forward will be of similar sizing.  Works created post this time are more dynamic or varied.   Custom sized commissions are available on request.

Prints are available Frame or Unframed, Stretched or Unstretched.

All available artworks details are listed on the online shop. Each piece is listed with the individual dimensions of the piece, the medium used and whether the artwork is framed or unframed.  Explore the SHOP now.


Payment Methods

Accepted payments include CASH or Direct Deposit. 
For more details on how to make payments please enquire here.


Collection & Shipping

Based in Bolwarra, NSW, Australia.  Local collection of artworks is available. Pease phone Judy on 0409348763 to make arrangements.

Artworks can also be shipped nationally or internationally at buyers cost, should you require.  Please enquire via phone or email from contact us page to make shipping enquiries.


Judy Duncan Art

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- Nudes

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