Painting and sketching again and feeling better for it.  I’m sure everyone hits a mind block at one time or another – mine has been over the last

few months.  It has been so very quiet with my husband back at work and Corona Virus still raging! 

I Debated whether I should try something new (did that – and nearly destroyed my art space in despair!!)  🙂   … – but, reading other artists

comments regarding style.. I think most are always questioning and trying new stuff, so I am hanging onto this paragraph I came across

“Rules exist to help guide our decision making in art.  They do not exist to limit us in any way and sometimes it takes a while to develop your own manifesto”. 

So when we do accomplish a style –  perfect it!…. OK so that’s what my goal is atm.

Here are the two pieces that drove me to distraction -🤣🤣


One is called: Purple Road – and the other Homestead in the Valley….I suppose you can guess which is which! This definitely did not come easy to me… 

After which I switched back to black and white 

This one I have named Tamara – Actually my husband named her. I think she looks quite gentle and was quite happy with her.

Then back to colour  – a piece I call Blue Rhapsody – love this colour – Union Soft Pastels.

So I haven’t been completely idle.  I am sure I’m a happier person when I am painting and that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?  –  

And Remember!  Your walls need Love – so feel free to contact me.