So the fires are nearly all out and now Sydney residents are advised to stay home as flooding intensifies after torrential rain.   Talk about a sunburnt country of droughts and flooding rains!!  It never seems to end does it?   Not that I am complaining about the rain, it’s just wonderful.

But after months of us all staying out of the heat I have decided to paint something very bright that reminds me of Springtime.  So here I start with a photograph of a woman  having a coffee and an old picture of Ava Gardner (a movie star from the 50’s in case anyone doesn’t recognise her.)

Next I will sketch the womans sitting pose and will use  Ava’s likeness and change the hat she has on.  She won’t be drinking coffee either.  Instead I will add a few lilies in one hand and  the other reaching up to fix her hat.

Painting the hat upside down so the fallout of the pastel doesn’t contaminate the rest of the picture.

Loving this colour.   Can’t wait to see her framed.